The Prambanan News

  • 11 dec
    11 dec

    RHEON Cornucopia KN550

    The CORNUCOPIA KN550 is high versatile Encrusting Machine for producing confectionery, prepared foods and fermented dough production. Extrusion is much smoother than before.
    For example, products such as Chocolate Chip Cookies, the chocolate chips will not be crushed or misshaped.

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  • 30 nov
    30 nov

    TSUKUBA Almond Milk

    Almond milk contains 20 times more vitamin E than regular milk and soy milk! You get approximately two-thirds of the recommended daily dose of vitamin E with a glass of almond milk.

    Almond milk 10 and Roasted almond milk 10 by Tsukuba Dairy Products contain approximately 100 almonds and has a totally rich flavor!

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  • 29 oct
    29 oct

    Dole Tropical Fruit Cocktail

    Made from fresh, sun-ripened pineapple and juicy chunks of red and yellow papaya, DOLE Tropical Fruit Cocktail is a delicious medley of your favorite tropical fruits packed in light syrup. It’s rich in immunity-boosting Vitamin C, plus it’s also fat-free and cholesterol-free. And because it's made from all-natural fruits, it gives you healthy energy. Now healthy eating has never been more fun and delicious! Available in 836gr and 3,06kg

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