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  • 08 aug
    08 aug

    Canola oil

    Canola or rapeseed oil is considered as healthy choice for cooking. It has very balanced fatty acid profile which makes this oil the ultimate recommendation for those who take care for their healthy.

    Canola or rapeseed oil is recommended for many applications such as used pure on salads, shallow or pan frying seed foods, vegetables, or even a spoon used in dressing recipes or baked goods.

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  • 02 aug
    02 aug

    Sunflower Oil

    The sunflower oil has very high Vitamin E content it is recommended not only for consumption but for skin lotion to provide Vitamin E.

    It can be used at many application: deep frying, shallow frying, cold applications however it is not recommended for long term heavy heat exposiure.
    Lowest price and multi purpose applications make the oil very attractive.

    Please contact us for further details.

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  • 28 jul
    28 jul

    High oleic sunflower oil

    High oleic sunflower oil is a multipurpose, high stability, high standard professional oil.
    The prepared food from the starting till the end of using the oil provides golden colour to the food, crispy, shiny surface and neutral sensory experience. To the to high level of monounsatured fatty acids the food tends to pick up less oil from the fryer affecting the nutritional and sensory profile of food, and also on the economics of the frying process.

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  • 23 jan
    23 jan

    Launching E-commerce Foodbay

    E-Commerce FOODBAY present to meet customer needs ingredients Bakery & Pastry in particular as well as a series of other products with retail packaging always providing quality products and competitive prices.

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