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  • 01 may
    01 may


    For all your chocolate decorations and innovations

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  • 01 apr
    01 apr


    Pick Pure Fruit Pleasure for Your Family
    Rauch : It is a fact that Rauch contains premium fruits processed.
    Happy Day : Happy Day stands for highest with constant quality of selected fruit juice.
    Rauch Grape : Rauch Grape Juice offers you premium quality of grape juice.

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  • 01 mar
    01 mar

    ANGEL Pita Bread

    Meet the "Heartier Pita" made with 6 ingredients, Pita Pillows are free artificial flavors, color and preservatives. Coe in two delicious flavours - Classic White and Whole Wheat

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  • 01 feb
    01 feb


    Professional Yeast for baking products including baker's yeast, bread improver and other baking ingredients.

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  • 01 jan
    01 jan


    Our Recipe for Succeess
    Use the Very Best

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