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  • 01 apr
    01 apr


    A mega tradeshow synonymous with the food and hospitality industry in Asia and beyond, Food&HotelAsia (FHA) has but a humble beginning at a hotel’s carpark back in 1978. Through 40 years of years of evolvement, FHA has grown tremendously in tandem with Asia’s food and hospitality industry, and has earned itself a reputation as the most comprehensive premier international food and hospitality trade show in the region.

    From innovative food ingredients, Halal food and beverages, speciality coffee equipment and accessories, unique tea blends, the latest bakery equipment, the most stylish of tableware and furnishing, to disruptive technology for backend foodservice or for frontend guest experiences and many more, FHA caters to your every business needs!

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  • 01 feb
    01 feb

    FHT 2018

    FHT Bali is recognised as the platform for Indonesia’s food, hospitality & tourism industry, and provides the perfect opportunity to meet face to face with potential clients and reconnect with existing customers.
    Now in its 12th edition this premier international food, hospitality and tourism event attracts key trade-only buyers from the region’s leading resorts, hotel chains, restaurants, importers and provides an undisputed entry point into this thriving and lucrative tourism market.

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  • 25 oct
    25 oct


    SIAL INTERFOOD 2017 is an international food & beverage exhibition in the culinary world especially in Foodservice and Retail businesses, was held on November 22-25, 2017 at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta.

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  • 05 mar
    05 mar

    FHI 2017

    FHI (Food & Hotel Indonesia 2017) took place this year which was taking place at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta on 5 - 8 April 2017.

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  • 01 dec
    01 dec


    SIAL INTERFOOD 2016 is an international food & beverage exhibition in the culinary world especially in Foodservice and Retail businesses, was held on November 9-12, 2016 at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta.

    PT Prambanan Kencana, as an experience food & beverage ingredients distributor in Indonesia assures her customers that they can buy a large selection of good quality products with international standard. Moreover, we had an opportunity to introduce some new products that will be launched in 2017.

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  • 27 oct
    27 oct

    Prambanan Kencana FIA (Food Ingredients Asia) 2016

    "Food Ingredients Asia is the stand out annual food and beverage event in the ASEAN region. FIA took place this year which was taking place at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta on 21 - 23 September 2016. The event featured the entire value chain for the health ingredients, food ingredients, nutraceuticals and functional food industries.
    Prambanan Kencana as one of the biggest ingredients company in Indonesia also participated in the exhibition. Prambanan Kencana are supported by Rheon (Japan), Graceland (USA), Agrimark (USA), Lacto Asia (Japan) and Dole ( Thailand ). The products are shown include dried fruit, meatballs with cheese contents using a machine, the type of processed pineapple and whey protein as an ingredients. The expectations of this exhibition to introduce the products to customers in the industrial segment.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us or our branch office / representatives for a detailed information regarding our product.

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  • 21 dec
    21 dec

    Prambanan Kencana SIAL Interfood 2015

    "SIAL INTERFOOD, as one of the biggest Indonesia’s foodservice exhibition, was successfully heldon 11th-14th November 2015 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.
    This year exhibition, INTERFOOD in collaboration with SIAL group - world number one food exhibition network, were participate by more than hundred tenants in foodservice industry, and attended by more than ten thousand attendees.
    Prambanan Kencana, supported by Adeka ( Japan ), Angel ( China ), Borges ( Spain ), Fabbri ( Italy ), Fondx ( USA ), Green Valley ( Japan ), Indonesian Nisshin Technomic ( Japan ), Ireks ( Germany ), Jansen ( Germany ), Koji ( Japan ), Rauch ( Austria ), Tsukuba ( Japan ), and Yu-Ai ( Malaysia ), was once again participate this year exhibition and show their strength by sharing the trend, inspiration, andnew products to the attendees, such as Almond Milk ( Tsukuba ) and Breader& Batter Mix from Indonesian Nisshin Technomic that will enhance your business.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us or our branch office / representatives for a detailed information regarding our product.

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  • 04 sep
    04 sep

    Prambanan Kencana Food Festival ( PKFF ) 2015

    "For Prambanan Kencana, August 19th – 21st will be remembered as an important days because on that days, Prambanan Kencana successfully held an exclusive exhibition called “Prambanan Kencana Food Festival ( PKFF ) 2015” at Senayan National Golf Club.

    Participated by 22 brands of all around the world, this event opened by Dani Solichin as President Director of Prambanan Kencana and attended by Ambassadors from the principals’ country. On his speech, Mr. Dani said “Prambanan Kencana Food Festival (PKFF) 2015 is more than an ordinary festival; this event will give customers more knowledge to expand their business and keep up to date with the trend. Additionally, this event will maintain a good relationship between Prambanan Kencana, principals, and customers.

    On PKFF, you could find three different sections in accordance to your needs, which are baking & cooking section, art & decoration section, and beverage section.

    Baking & Cooking Section
    There are 15 brands exclusively selected to represent Prambanan Kencana to support Baking & Cooking Section. You could find Adeka with their margarine and shortening from Japan, Angel with their well known instant dry yeast from China, Borges serve Spain’s best olive oil, Diana offer exquisite maraschino cherries from USA, Green Valley and Koji brands with their processed and natural cheese from Japan, original Mexican food ingredients can be found in La Costena brand, USA’s Mariani brand with dried fruits and nuts, Indonesia Nisshin Technomic gives you a premium Japanese bread premix, a dough bread making specialized machine from Japan called Rheon, USA’s Sunny Gem brand for a high quality almonds, Shoei China with their broad range of seeds, Westco as a Canada brand offer premix and fruit filling, Yu Ai with their paste filling and jam from Malaysia, last but not least, Zeelandia offer a complete baking product range from premix to topping.

    Art & Decoration Section
    Visitors could find three famous brands in this section, which are GMK as our local brand offers cocoa powder, chocolate compound, and instant mix, Fondx from USA with their fondant teaches the visitors how to paint on fondant from our professionals, and Werner’s could help to make your product more beautiful with sugar decoration made from Germany.

    Beverage Section
    As the only section that serves beverages, this section supported by 3 brands that is different in characteristic but complimenting to each other. You may find Rauch from Austria famous for the premium fruit juices, Tsukuba Japan with their almond milk, and Dole offer a selected tropical fruit can and juices from Philippines.
    The visitors could also see the beverage mixing demonstration from Chef Ronald.
    He created a unique beverage with Rauch product in a molecular gastronomy style.

    PKFF 2015 also presented some demo event from Indonesia’s famous chef on our central stage every day that is divided into 2 types, which are :

    1. Exclusive Baking and Cooking Demo Leads by Professionals
    Chef Chendawaty, Chef Ronald, Chef Chandra, and Chef Joy made this lively demo more interesting by inviting some visitors to help them in the main stage and provide “question and answer” session with rewards to the visitors. Chef Chendawaty introduced a new way to enjoy Japanese snack and Korean cake. Chef Ronald made an unique beverage creation in gastronomy molecular style. Chef Chandra showed how to cook healthy foods with olive oil. Chef Joy created various European pastries and some of them have Indonesian touch in it, for example Foret Noir Éclair with sweet soy sauce.

    2. Exclusive Business Talk Show
    Hosted by Ir. Petrus Gandamana MM from Bareca Magazine, President Director of Prambanan Kencana namely Dani Solichin, Andrew Purnomo as President Director of Kartika Sari Bakery, and Ruli Sutanto as Director of Products Rabobank Indonesia, this talk show not only helps and inspire the visitors to learn, maintain and expand their business but also gave some real business examples to the session.

    Overall, the PKFF 2015 results exceed the expectation of Prambanan Kencana itself.
    It can be seen from the flooded visitors that come to PKFF 2015 till to the last day of the event.

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  • 29 jun
    29 jun

    Prambanan Kencana Food Festival 2015

    "Prambanan Kencana is ready to hold Food Festival
    19 - 21 August 2015
    “Combining Delight, Creativity, and Productivity“.

    As a company that has been established for more than 60 years as a supplier, manufacturer and also an educators in foodservice market, which includes bakery business, restaurants, cafes, hotels and catering, hence Prambanan Kencana need to maintain its role in the market.
    It is certainly not easy to implement. Understandably, business undertaken by Prambanan Kencana currently has tight level of competition. Therefore, in 2015 Prambanan Kencana will hold an event named Prambanan Kencana Food Festival (PKFF).
    The main theme is a combination of delicacy, creativity and productivity in the foodservice business. The management is aware that the three points above are important in achieving sustainable growth in the Foodservice business activities in the country.
    ""Demographics of Indonesia with population of 240 million people, is a market that needs our maximum attention and anticipation,"" explained J. Safriadi, the General Manager of Foodservice Prambanan Kencana at the event PKFF 2015. The manifestation of understanding of the market is in the form of various trends and inspirations both that support product applications and activities.

    The activities that will take place during PKFF 2015 are:
    1. Exclusive Baking & Cooking Demo which includes the demonstrators such as:

    ""Re-defining Japanese Snack"" by Mrs Chendawaty (Achen) of Mrs Liem LPK who will explain and demonstrate how to change the typical on Japanese snack into a form that is generally unusual. Mrs. Chendawati will also host the show ""Introducing Korean Cakes"" where she will be demonstrating various Korean cake style and flavor applications in a more modern look.

    ""Bringin home world's best pastries"" by Chef Jose Pelo (Joy), a Chief Brand Ambassador Colatta Jakarta International Pastry Academy (JIPA) who will present the perfection of various pastry creations from France and other parts of Europe have been known internationally. Pastry creations will be applied in Indonesia pastry culture. In other words it will give global pastry creations with local culture (Glocalization).

    For the cooking area there is ""Olive Oil for Indonesian Cuisine?"" Hosted by Chef Chandra Yudasswara (Chef Table Net TV) who will campaign and informed that the use of olive oil in Indonesian cuisine, beside healthier is also improve the taste of cuisine.

    The event will be enlivened with ""Transformation in Beverages"" by Ronald Prasanto, the owner and founder of Ron's Lab that will show how to transform the trend of molecular phenomena or juice beverage applications in the art of beverage dispensing.

    2. ""Combining Quality and Productivity"" presented by RHEON Technology which will demonstrate the sophistication of the production of Japanese legendary bakery .

    3. ""Painting on Rolled Fondant” is also believed to be a concern for the Chef bakery and pastry businesses

    4. Many businesses really want to know for the latest information and practically then PKFF 2015 will also feature the Exclusive Business Talk Show by theme
    ""How to Be a Savvy Entrepreneur in today's economy"" which will be hosted by Ir. Peter Gandamana MM, Leader Magazine BARECA, President Director Prambanan Kencana namely Dani Solichin, Andrew Purnomo as President Director of Kartika Sari Bakery, and one of the leaders of Indonesia's leading Bank.

    5. The baker from abroad (Asia and Europe) that will enliven PKFF 2015 will also present which are representative of ADEKA, Lacto Asia, Dole, Angel, Shoei, Nisshin Technomic, Yu-Ai, Westco and many more. The bakery experts will share knowledge and expertise to the visitors in PKFF.

    6. Exhibition of various new products and superior distribution in the range of Prambanan Kencana.

    The event will be targeted for about 3,500 visitors, focus on the invitation which is the main partner for this Prambanan Kencana. Therefore make sure that contact Tim Prambanan Kencana to get an invitation at this important event.

    August 19th - 21st 2015
    Senayan National Golf Club, Jakarta

    More Info:
    Tere 021 9529 4430, Putri 021 9529 4033, Tyas 021 9529 4435"

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