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  • 29 jun
    29 jun

    Prambanan Kencana Food Festival 2015

    "Prambanan Kencana is ready to hold Food Festival
    19 - 21 August 2015
    “Combining Delight, Creativity, and Productivity“.

    As a company that has been established for more than 60 years as a supplier, manufacturer and also an educators in foodservice market, which includes bakery business, restaurants, cafes, hotels and catering, hence Prambanan Kencana need to maintain its role in the market.
    It is certainly not easy to implement. Understandably, business undertaken by Prambanan Kencana currently has tight level of competition. Therefore, in 2015 Prambanan Kencana will hold an event named Prambanan Kencana Food Festival (PKFF).
    The main theme is a combination of delicacy, creativity and productivity in the foodservice business. The management is aware that the three points above are important in achieving sustainable growth in the Foodservice business activities in the country.
    ""Demographics of Indonesia with population of 240 million people, is a market that needs our maximum attention and anticipation,"" explained J. Safriadi, the General Manager of Foodservice Prambanan Kencana at the event PKFF 2015. The manifestation of understanding of the market is in the form of various trends and inspirations both that support product applications and activities.

    The activities that will take place during PKFF 2015 are:
    1. Exclusive Baking & Cooking Demo which includes the demonstrators such as:

    ""Re-defining Japanese Snack"" by Mrs Chendawaty (Achen) of Mrs Liem LPK who will explain and demonstrate how to change the typical on Japanese snack into a form that is generally unusual. Mrs. Chendawati will also host the show ""Introducing Korean Cakes"" where she will be demonstrating various Korean cake style and flavor applications in a more modern look.

    ""Bringin home world's best pastries"" by Chef Jose Pelo (Joy), a Chief Brand Ambassador Colatta Jakarta International Pastry Academy (JIPA) who will present the perfection of various pastry creations from France and other parts of Europe have been known internationally. Pastry creations will be applied in Indonesia pastry culture. In other words it will give global pastry creations with local culture (Glocalization).

    For the cooking area there is ""Olive Oil for Indonesian Cuisine?"" Hosted by Chef Chandra Yudasswara (Chef Table Net TV) who will campaign and informed that the use of olive oil in Indonesian cuisine, beside healthier is also improve the taste of cuisine.

    The event will be enlivened with ""Transformation in Beverages"" by Ronald Prasanto, the owner and founder of Ron's Lab that will show how to transform the trend of molecular phenomena or juice beverage applications in the art of beverage dispensing.

    2. ""Combining Quality and Productivity"" presented by RHEON Technology which will demonstrate the sophistication of the production of Japanese legendary bakery .

    3. ""Painting on Rolled Fondant” is also believed to be a concern for the Chef bakery and pastry businesses

    4. Many businesses really want to know for the latest information and practically then PKFF 2015 will also feature the Exclusive Business Talk Show by theme
    ""How to Be a Savvy Entrepreneur in today's economy"" which will be hosted by Ir. Peter Gandamana MM, Leader Magazine BARECA, President Director Prambanan Kencana namely Dani Solichin, Andrew Purnomo as President Director of Kartika Sari Bakery, and one of the leaders of Indonesia's leading Bank.

    5. The baker from abroad (Asia and Europe) that will enliven PKFF 2015 will also present which are representative of ADEKA, Lacto Asia, Dole, Angel, Shoei, Nisshin Technomic, Yu-Ai, Westco and many more. The bakery experts will share knowledge and expertise to the visitors in PKFF.

    6. Exhibition of various new products and superior distribution in the range of Prambanan Kencana.

    The event will be targeted for about 3,500 visitors, focus on the invitation which is the main partner for this Prambanan Kencana. Therefore make sure that contact Tim Prambanan Kencana to get an invitation at this important event.

    August 19th - 21st 2015
    Senayan National Golf Club, Jakarta

    More Info:
    Tere 021 9529 4430, Putri 021 9529 4033, Tyas 021 9529 4435"

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