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Tips on Finding Quality Cheese Suppliers

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Culinary with a blend of cheese is currently in great demand. Therefore, you need to have a lot of cheese stock as an ingredient for making interesting dishes. In looking for the best and quality cheese, you need to find the best cheese supplier who has experience in presenting the best products. Indeed, at this time there are many cheese distributors who are present in your midst. However, not all of these distributors are able to provide the best quality cheese.

The following is how to choose the best and quality cheese supplier:

1. Pay attention to the Products Offered

The first tip for choosing quality cheese distributors is by paying attention to the cheese products they offer. It would be better if you choose a cheese supplier that provides cheese products with the most complete variants. So, you can more easily find the product.

2. Choose the Best Quality Cheese

After knowing the suppliers with the most complete products, now you have to know the quality of the cheese they have produced.

  • Cheese Texture: There are many kinds of cheese on the market today. Each type of cheese also has a different texture. Make sure the cheese has a good texture according to the variant.
  • Packaging Quality: In choosing a cheese supplier, you also have to pay attention to the cheese packaging section. A good supplier or distributor of cheese will certainly produce the best product with the best packaging. Quality distributors will certainly provide the best and attractive packaging for each product they produce.
  • Color: As with the texture, the color of the cheese is also good, which has a yellow, dark yellow or pale yellow color like mozzarella cheese.
3. Choice of the Best Cheese Supplier

So, for those of you who are looking for a cheese supplier with the best quality and experience, then you can entrust it to us, PT Prambanan Kencana. We are the best cheese supplier with more than 65 years of experience in food distribution. Prambanan Kencana has even supplied products to Retail, Foodservice, Food Industry, and also E-commerce channels in Indonesia. Therefore, you will find an inventory of more than 1,800 items. Where, includes global brands as well as national brands.

One of PT Prambanan Kencana's mainstay products is Green Valley cheese. The presence of this cheese product helps the community or culinary business people who need various types of cheese to be used as their main ingredient. We always prioritize product quality for consumers. The ingredients we use for the manufacture of this cheese also use the best quality ingredients. Likewise with the manufacturing process which is carried out with the best method.

Our Green Valley cheese products also have a halal label. So you don't have to worry about using it. In addition, cheese products from our cheese suppliers have also received BPOM certificates. So it is safe for consumption and fit for distribution. Therefore, entrust the distributor of the best and quality cheese with PT Prambanan Kencana. Trust Green Valley cheese as Indonesia's best cheese brand. In addition to presenting quality products, our distributors have years of experience. So it is very trusted among the wider community.


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